Can you make a lot of money in food science?

Graduates of food science degree programs will find the most lucrative opportunities in food manufacturing, research and development, and government agencies. Penn State food scientists start a variety of careers within the food industry or government in the U.S. In the United States and around the world. Because of the high demand for food scientists in industry, government agencies, and research institutions, many Penn State Food Science graduates have job offers before graduating with excellent starting salaries.

Food Science graduates lead exciting and rewarding careers. See this page to learn more about some of these people. Food scientists often earn salaries that are competitive with other science and engineering degrees. Most have successfully found a job or gained admission to graduate school months after graduating.

Food scientists study the sources and composition of foods, and apply research results to products found in the supermarket every day. Brian Thane, member of the IFT, director of aseptic technology at Tetra Park, talks about supplying aseptic packaging to 170 countries, the interesting and rewarding aspects of his work and his contribution to the food science profession. You can work as a sensory scientist, which is a technical way of describing how to spend your days tasting, analyzing and refining foods such as chocolate and tea blends. This represents constant growth in the field, especially for those working on the development of new foods and on food security.

The field of food science is always advancing and adapting, so you're not likely to find yourself in trouble. Food is the foundation of the world's largest industry, and although employment growth in the coming years is not spectacular, the United States According to a recent survey conducted by the Institute of Food Technologists, a student who just left school with B. New processes are in demand to develop and package food for consumers and government agencies, such as the military and NASA. Research in food science leads to new food products, a safer food chain, advances in nutrition and innovative methods for feeding global populations.

Follow Michele Perchonok, member of the IFT, former manager of Advanced Food Technology at NASA, and members of the food science team as they guide us through their work in the Space Food Systems Laboratory and describe their role in conceptualizing and preparing food for successful missions in space. IFT and Disney Consumer Products (DCP) partnered to increase the visibility of careers in food science and the profession's innovative potential to develop healthy and nutritious foods. Food manufacturers hire food scientists for research and development, product development and management.

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