What is the Best Food Job for You?

Are you looking for a career in the food industry? There are many options available, from food production and agriculture to food styling and holistic health counseling. Food lawyers specialize in issues related to food allergies, dietary supplements, public health and safety, and workers' rights. Food stylists focus on the aesthetic appeal of food for commercial and editorial purposes. Holistic health counselors integrate natural therapies into their medical practice and often focus on the inclusion of healthy foods, herbal supplements, and wellness regimens.

If you have a strong sense of business and a love for the culinary arts, you could embark on a culinary career that focuses on operations. Restaurant, kitchen or catering manager positions are excellent choices for those who want to enter the industry. There are also several restaurant management schools that can help aspiring professionals. In New York City, job security is high for those who work in fast food, since workers are always in demand.

A new professional field is emerging for professional food pickers looking to farmers' markets and other local businesses to obtain food for restaurants. When researching unique career possibilities in the food industry, you come up with hundreds of ideas. Depending on your specialty, you may be responsible for determining the nutritional content of products, researching new ingredients, or enforcing government food regulations. Food science technicians often focus on areas such as health and safety, process and technology improvements, distribution, conservation and quality control.

They ensure that customer service standards are met and that food and beverages go as expected. Some of the most popular food trends include a shift toward consuming ingredients that are locally or sustainably grown, prepared more naturally, and include ethnic spices and flavors. Cookbook authors can also draw attention by blogging about food as a complement to their publications. Food scientists typically require at least a bachelor's degree in a related discipline. A food collector is best known as a person who goes to the forest and other natural environments to find food that is grown in nature.

Careers in food science, as well as other jobs related to real manufacturing processes, are expected to grow.

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