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Are you considering attending culinary school? The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) is a 4-year institution located in Hyde Park, New York, in a suburban setting. To qualify for acceptance, a prospective student must be a high school graduate or have a GED, for which documentation is required. International documentation will be verified by an official, certified translation indicating that the student has completed the equivalent of a high school in the U. S.

UU. Prospective students must also show that they are currently or will be legally in the United States. A copy of a government-issued photo ID will be required upon registration. A copy of an existing visa will be required for international students who do not obtain a student visa through ICE. The ICE Office of Student Financial Services brings award-winning culinary education to your fingertips.

Our student financial services advisors are available six days a week to help you realize your dream of attending cooking school at ICE. The Culinary Education Institute tuition, fees and charges include all applicable program expenses, such as uniforms, books, knives and tools; as well as food, enrichment classes, field trips, guest lectures, registration fee and all applicable taxes. Tuition, fees, and fees vary by program and campus. Learn more about funding your culinary education. Total institutional fees include all supplies (uniforms, books, knives and tools, as applicable), the registration fee and all applicable taxes.

In addition, all student services are included, such as enrichment classes, Wine Essentials classes, Meet the Culinary Entrepreneur conference series, field trips (where applicable) and ongoing professional services. Be sure to ask the Admissions Office if you qualify for any of the following discounts. The double diploma discount can be combined with another discount. Other discounts cannot be combined.

Contact the Admissions Office for more details and updated information. Prospective students often wonder if they should earn a degree or a diploma. At ICE, you can choose to pursue either option. ICE can offer students the opportunity to develop their diploma if they wish to do so. Upon completing your ICE diploma, you may be able to receive transfer credits at a college or university.

ICE is proud to have been evaluated by the National College Credit Recommendation Service (NCCRS), an organization created by the New York State Board of Regents to make university credit recommendations. As such, graduates of the ICE Culinary Arts Program can transfer their ICE credits and receive up to 19 college credits, graduates of the ICE Pastry Baking Arts Program & can transfer their ICE credits and receive up to 18 college credits, graduates of the Management program Hotel Company (&) of ICE can transfer their ICE credits and receive up to 24 credits, and graduates of the ICE Restaurant Culinary Management Program (&) can transfer their ICE credits and receive up to 14 college credits. The credit transfer request will be evaluated by the Vice President of Education and the decision is final. Credits for internships of any type are not transferable. In addition, the total credit of the course accepted on the transfer cannot exceed 25% of the individual's program. The Institute will grant transfer credits only to courses that are determined to be equivalent in accuracy and content to the courses in the programs offered by ICE.

Current and prospective students should keep in mind that ICE considers its curriculum to be unique among culinary arts institutions, so this standard can be difficult to meet. The NCCRS makes credit recommendations to 1,500 colleges and universities to use as a guide in granting college credit for courses taken at institutions that do not grant degrees. The privilege of evaluation does not mean that ICE alone can grant university credit; only a college or university can do so. In addition, the actual amount of credit an ICE graduate will receive will be determined by each individual college or university. Contact the ICE Registrar for more information. When it comes to providing educational and career guidance, there's no more valuable resource than highly informed school counselors and educators.

At ICE, we're committed to helping you better understand the wide range of career options in the food industry and how a foundation in culinary education can make your students' culinary school dreams a reality. ICE has a school counselor coordinator who connects to a network of more than 2,000 professionals in the tri-state area. This dedicated person will answer your questions about ICE, provide information to help your students make an informed decision about their future, and discuss the key benefits that an ICE education can offer. ICE has launched more than 14,000 careers in the food and hospitality industries. We combine individualized training with ongoing career placement services, organize practical internships at the industry's leading food and hospitality establishments, and provide professional support to our graduates long after they leave our teaching canteens. In short, our mission is to help every student find their culinary voice. ICE offers comprehensive diploma programs in Culinary Arts tuition, Pastry (26%), Bakery Arts tuition, Restaurant (26%), Culinary tuitionand Hospitality Management (26%), Hospitality Management tuitionin just six to 12 months.

We have convenient classes in the morning, afternoon, evening, and on weekends starting every month throughout the year. Our 74,000 square foot career center offers small, hands-on classes with caring, distinguished instructors. Students enjoy a global journey through culinary traditions and techniques and access to the highest quality ingredients from the same suppliers that serve the best restaurants in New York. Twice a year, ICE hosts a special school counselor social event exclusively for counselors, education professionals and career counselors at our New York City facility. These after-work events provide an opportunity to witness firsthand how ICE's award-winning programs can turn their students' passion for food into a creative and successful career. A personal tour of ICE makes everything real and awakens the creative senses. The most important thing is that you'll see how much culinary school tuitionis worth it! With comprehensive programs ranging from six months up to four years long with flexible schedules available throughout each year - there's something for everyone at CIA! Contact your admissions representative today for more information on how you can unlock your culinary dreams!.

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