What is it called when you work with food?

In charge of the entire kitchen. A man whose job is to provide food and drink in a club, university, etc. One of the main factors that differentiates them is the degree of knowledge and training they have had. If they work in a restaurant, cooks generally have nothing or little to say in kitchen matters, such as inventory.

Rather, they can prepare food daily, following recipes or a meal plan designed by someone else (such as a chef). Other tasks may be assigned and they are likely to have additional responsibilities, such as cleaning the kitchen. They would be a break room or break room, a place where staff go when they have their breaks. Formerly called waiters and waitresses, the job of table waiters is to clean tables after customers leave.

I've been calling this place a pantry, but I realized that the pantry is actually a food warehouse in addition to the kitchen. On the contrary, a chef usually works in restaurants where the ingredients tend to be fresher and the presentation more thoughtful.

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