Is a Food Science Degree Worth It?

Graduates of food science degree programs can find the most rewarding opportunities in food manufacturing, research and development, and government agencies. Food scientists who are interested in teaching and research can also find fulfilling academic careers in educational institutions.

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. The irony is terrible, but true at the same time, and many jobs in food science are like that.

BYU-Idaho values suggestions and ideas that can improve the university. Use our feedback form to let us know what you think. While a food degree isn't essential for this position, it can be incredibly beneficial for understanding the industry. With a degree as broad as food science, there are many different options available, and it can be quite overwhelming trying to figure out which job is right for you.

Having a graduate degree can open many doors for you beyond the obvious ones within the food industry, although many food companies such as Premier Foods, Tesco, Kraft and Nestle offer graduate programs. While there are some jobs that are directly related to a degree in food science, such as a food technologist or nutritional therapist, there are also many roles that may not directly relate to your degree, but instead use many of the skills you've gained along the way. These recipes may need to meet certain conditions, such as being low in fat or sugar, or be suitable for a specific purpose, such as lunchtime take-out meals or ready meals. If the process frustrates you, in the sense that all the world's food products have their nuances and are subject to the strange laws of nature, then you shouldn't be a food scientist.

However, it really is a career that you can adapt to your creative interests and it's a great way to use the knowledge you've gained with your degree in an unconventional way. There are people who try to share their knowledge, like Bakerpedia, but it's not enough to be an expert in a specific food. Chloe has a degree in Economics from the University of Reading and grew up in Leicestershire, United Kingdom. An academic career generally requires an advanced degree and specialization in research in a particular area, such as food chemistry, microbiology, toxicology, engineering, or nutrition.

People who work in quality control ensure that food products meet the correct standards set out in regulations and meet all internal and external requirements. Employment can be found in companies that manufacture retail food products, as well as companies that support food manufacturers by supplying food ingredients, processing equipment and packaging materials or providing services related to institutional nutrition. Food Science students have incredible opportunities to get scholarships and financial aid at the Penn State Department of Food Science.

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