How to start a culinary career?

Most chefs and cooks learn their skills while working. Others have chosen a formal education and training path at a culinary arts school, community college, technical school, or four-year university. Some have learned through apprenticeship programs or through the armed forces. The culinary programs at any of these educational institutions allow students to practice their cooking skills under supervised instruction.

Culinary programs cover all aspects of working in the kitchen, including menu planning, food sanitation, shopping inventory, and kitchen station staff. Most culinary programs require students to gain experience through an internship or apprenticeship. You may decide to become a chef because you like to cook and you like to experiment in the kitchen. While it's a demanding race, it can also be very satisfying if it's something you love.

Start developing the cooking skills you need to become a chef by practicing at home, getting a job at a restaurant, and getting feedback from others. Then, continue your training to become a chef, either at school or under the guidance of a mentor. Finally, get a job in a restaurant and work your way up to the position of chef. Generally, a chef is a highly qualified culinary with years of training and experience, while a cook is someone who has been taught to complete a task, but may lack the technical knowledge, skills, training and certification to be considered a chef.

A person with a degree in Pastry Arts may start their own business, such as a bakery or chocolate shop, or may choose to look for work in restaurants, hotels, or food production companies. Therefore, the proper name for someone starting out would normally have “cook”, not “chef” in the title. The best place to start your culinary career is with a degree or diploma from an accredited culinary school. Owner chefs are responsible for starting and funding the business operations of a restaurant and then managing a restaurant inside and outside the kitchen.

To become a chef, start by getting a job as a chef in a restaurant so you can see what a chef's life is really like. Whatever path you take in your culinary career, you may discover, like many chefs before you, that a culinary education could help you get off to a head start and advance your career more quickly. New cooks usually start out as preparatory cooks, where they chop, weigh and prepare ingredients for line cooks to turn them into finished dishes. In addition to experience and training, the culinary school also offers young chefs the opportunity to decide what type of cuisine they see themselves in and what type of cuisine they would like to be, and allows professionals to establish contacts with like-minded colleagues.

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