What Do Professional Food Testers Do?

Professional food testers are either professionally trained culinary experts with a well-developed palate or part-time market research panelists who work for food manufacturers or similar companies. They are responsible for evaluating the taste, texture, aroma, color and other qualities of food products to develop new food products or improve existing ones on the market. To become a professional flavor tester, you need a degree in food science or a related field. Companies such as MMR Research Worldwide carry out sensory and consumer market research for companies in the food, beverage and personal care sectors.

Their responsibilities include scoring each food in these areas and explaining the basis of their opinion. Meanwhile, Schwan Food Company invites people who live near the company's headquarters to take paid flavor tests. All potential tasters have to do is fill out a form with basic demographic information and food preferences and they will be notified when tests are available. Once you're confident in your tasting skills, look for professional tasting positions at food manufacturing companies. With the right qualifications and experience, you can become a professional flavor tester and help create delicious new products.

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